Prosperity Confession

Prosperity Confession


According to the Word of God, I declare that ‘Money Cometh’ to the Body of Christ and ‘’Money Cometh’ to me for the sake of the Gospel. I am laying a foundation and God is performing His Word in my life.

I call my church, The Living Word Faith Center, debt-free. I call in all the necessary finances to completely pay for all the building, properties, furnishings and equipment and to do everything God has called us as a church to accomplish.

We will tell the untold, teach the unreached and raise up believers who walk n faith and victory by the anointed teaching and preaching of the Gospel. Father, I honor You by putting you first in my finances, giving You my best in tithes, offerings, sowings and first fruits. I thank You that You supply all my needs according to Your riches in Glory by Christ Jesus

You grant the desires of my heart. You have delivered me into my ‘Wealthy Place’. You have opened the windows of Heaven and You are pouring me out blessings that continuously overflow.

I call myself debt-fee. I proclaim that I have the necessary finances to do everything God has called me to do with more than enough. The overflow is for sowing into Your Kingdom and into others!

I believe I receive increase in every area of my life: increased anointing, increase rejoicing, increase restoration, increased income and increase in all my assets. I receive increase in Jesus Matchless Name.

I call my houses and all my properties paid for in full. I believe I receive employment, career advancements, raises and bonuses; sales and commissions; new businesses and contracts; favorable settlements; estates and inheritances; income and interest; rebates and returns; dividends and discounts; checks in the mail; gifts and surprises; lost money found; bills supernaturally decreased and paid off; blessings and enlarged territories.

Thank you, Lord, for exceedingly abundantly meeting all of my financial needs so that I have more than enough to give into Your Kingdom.