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The Living Word Faith Center
September 2001 – September 2011

September 2001 five people asked Elder John Hickman to come  to Missouri City from Dallas Fort-Worth to be their Pastor.
And so it was in Missouri City at the home of Debbie Robertson and her daughter Beverly, her brother-in law John, along with Sie & Yola Allan that The Living Word Faith Center began. From the very beginning of the ministry people witnessed the Power of God in many signs, wonders and miracles. With the prophetic flow present the crowd increased.
Men and Women from across the Greater Houston Area began to flock to the home service for teaching, healing, and deliverance.

In less than six months (January 2002) we outgrew the living room. Living Word then made arrangements with a small local congregation, to share space and moved the worship service to Saturday to accommodate the arrangement.

Pastor Lenora Gilmore, one of the original pioneer members joined us at that time. By the end of May 2002, an outgrowth of membership required us to move to the Wingate Inn Hotel (currently The Hotel Preet on Highway 59).
Eleven months after answering the call of God (August 2002), Pastor John and LWFC moved into our first storefront church at 8800
Bissonnet. We witnessed miraculous healings such as blind eyes opened, the deaf became auditory, limbs grew out, and great
healings. DELIVERANCE took place and demons were cast out. Here some of the earlier members joined: Evangelist Angela Loggin, Elders Beverly and William Johnson, Pastor Mike Davis and Elder Joette Jones. We outgrew the place and had to move.
In October 2003, Bishop Robert Young of the Episcopal Church, Fort-Worth Diocese, ordained and consecrated Pastor John Hickman
to the office of Bishop. The vision became larger and in March 2004 we moved to a larger building in an industrial park at 12821 Capricorn. Our first Bible College was established and men and women were trained for ministry all across Houston. We also opened up our first bookstore and begin streaming, taking our services across the airways to over 3 million homes on the Streaming Faith Network. The ministry grew from 150 members at Bissonnet to 400 at thislocation. The Lord was also expanding the vision of our Bishop to take new territory. Bishop Hickman launched an aggressive mission campaign for Nigeria Africa. In 2004 and 2005 two Bible colleges were established, and three Living Word churches were birthed in Lagos,Port Harcourt and Abuja. In March 2005, Archbishop (Dr.) Abraham Oyelekan Oyeniran, the presiding prelature of The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigerian Churches, laid hands and affirmed Bishop John Hickman to the office of Apostle in Lagos, Nigeria for the work he was doing at home and abroad. Living Word was taking the gospel to the nations. We supported these churches and territory of Living Word grew.

In 2005 we experience a shift in ministry. We didn’t know then that the Lord was preparing us for our next phase of growth.
Apostle Hickman established the Living Word Fellowship of International Churches with The Living Word Faith Center serving as
the headquarters for the organization. On November 11, 2006, our ministry received increase with the addition of our “Mom.” Apostle
John and Dr. Liza Hickman were united in Holy Matrimony. LWFC and Life Enrichment Ministries (LEM), Atlanta GA were joined and our church began to experience unusual growth. The organization that was birthed from 12821 Capricorn now expanded in cities all across the USA, Africa, The Dominican Republic, and the Virgin Islands.
Recovery from the shift was evident, and we increased. New Year’s Eve 2006, our Prophet declared, “We will not be in
this building for another New Year’s Eve service, but in 2007 we will be in our own sanctuary.” September 2007 we began to worship in the building the Lord said we would possess. And in the seventh year (March 2008) The Living Word Faith Center took ownership of land and territory at 7900 W. Fuqua ~ Missouri City, Texas: a campus thathoused our 800 seat sanctuary, a youth chapel that seats 350, a separate daycare facility and room to grow. The vision continues to expand. In July 2011, construction began in our sanctuary. This is phase one of a debt-free, three-part plan called “Wisdom Center Modifications”. Phase I: balcony construction, musician’s pit and green room; Phase II: offices and Information Center (IC) construction; Phase III: Wisdom Center and youth facility two-story build-out with classrooms, stage, etc. We have plans to add a gym to the campus in the near future.
Here we are September 2011 with the completion of Phase I in our beautiful edifice: a balcony, musician’s pit, green room and more.
September 9, 2011, we dedicate this House to the Lord.
From the living room ten years ago with five members we grew to this. Although we don’t boast in the eleven hundred members on
roll or a sanctuary that can seat them all and more, we are thankful. Each week The Living Word has over 400 faithful members who show up from Tuesday to Sunday for a Word from the Lord and a powerful demonstration of His Spirit. We have a ministerial staff of over 50 licensed and ordained clergy at the Living Word. Under Apostle’sLeadership, 25 churches submit to this apostolic covering. The School of Ministry and Bible College continue to prepare ministers through the Houston area.

The vision is expanding to launch a Regional Apostolic Leadership Training & Resource Center; and the
acquisition of land to for an elementary and high school academy for youth, to build a seniors’ home-care facility and for a restaurant.
Living Word Faith Center is on the move. Today the church continues to thrive as a ministerial training center and a place for healing and deliverance. We are growing by leaps and bounds and  MOVING FORWARD.

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